ELCOVISION 10 Version 9.040 released

Since more than 34 years ELCOVISION 10 is continuously developed and 2-5 updates per year are released. Each new version contains many new features and improvements, here are the most important ones of Version 9.040:

Support of the Leica BLK3D

"Image Group Capture" images of the Leica BLK3D can be imported directly into ELCOVISION 10. During the automatic orientation the image group is automatically scaled and brought into the correct position. This is possible because the Leica BLK3D has a stereo camera and position sensors. This means that you no longer need an external reference such as known distances or control points to make a small survey.

Here you will find the user documentation:

Export of SEMA point clouds

Point clouds can now also be exported in Sema point cloud format and then read directly into the SEMA software. Here you can find an excellent article by SEMA-Software about this:

Application in timber construction with drones:

Application in stair construction with Leica BLK3D:

Export of point clouds to BricsCAD V20.02.08 and newer

ELCOVISION 10 Point Clouds can now be imported with just a few mouse clicks using the ELCOVISION 10 BricsCAD Plugin.

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