Metric Cameras for Photogrammetry

Leica R5 ELCOVISION - Leica SL2 - Nikon D850
Leica R5 ELCOVISION - Leica SL2 - Nikon D850

PMS AG offers you a suitable metric camera for the vast majority of applications:

For high-precision measurements, high-quality digital full-format or medium-format cameras such as Leica SL2, Nikon D850, Sony ILC-7R, Fuji GFX 50S are usually used

For slightly lower demands on measurement accuracy, the significantly cheaper cameras with APS-C sensors are also popular:

It is also possible to use cameras that are not of high quality, such as mobile phone cameras, but this is associated with corresponding reductions in measurement accuracy.

We deliver the cameras calibrated with optimal lenses for the respective applications, the calibration data is automatically sent to you via software update, you can start immediately after receiving the camera. 

For current prices or for cameras from other manufacturers please contact us.

For most drones cameras the following applies: They provide sufficient accuracy for normal applications, they can be simultaneously calibrated during orientation by ELCOVISION 10. If higher accuracy is required, customers can use ELCOVISION 10 to calibrate the cameras themselves, or we can also calibrate the cameras for you.

We are also dealers for Leica products such as the Leica BLK3D