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Our products for aerial surveys. All aerial images can be analysed in ELCOVISION 10, including drone images.


ELCOVISION 10 Version 9.052 released

Continuous Development for 37 years: ELCOVISION 10 ELCOVISION 10 looks back on a continuous development of more than 37 years, during which 2-5 updates are always released per year. Each updated version contains a wealth of innovations and optimisations. Here we present the most significant innovations of version 9.052: The…

Screenshot ELCOVISION 10 and ELTheo

ELCOVISION 10 Version 9.050 and ELTheo Version 2.011 released

For more than 37 years, ELCOVISION 10 has been continuously developed and 2-5 updates are released per year. Each new version contains numerous innovations and improvements, here are the most important of version 9.050: Test the demo version of ELCOVISION 10! For more than 25 years ELCOVISION ElTheo has been…

Beam intersection of two image measurements

Measurement Accuracy

General Photogrammetry differs fundamentally from other measuring methods when the achievable accuracies are considered: In principle, one can achieve any desired accuracy with corresponding effort. Or viewed the other way around: If you know which accuracy you need, you have to keep a maximum shooting distance with a given camera/lens…