ELCOVISION 10 Version 9.052 released

New stereo module and precision measurement with targets

Continuous Development for 37 years: ELCOVISION 10

ELCOVISION 10 looks back on a continuous development of more than 37 years, during which 2-5 updates are always released per year. Each updated version contains a wealth of innovations and optimisations. Here we present the most significant innovations of version 9.052:

New: Accelerated and Reliable Target Recognition with ELCOVISION 10

The detection technology for ELCOVISION 10 targets has been re-developed from scratch, resulting in accelerated detection - it is now between 10 and 100 times faster. Even with suboptimal image quality, the system identifies the targets with an impressive hit rate of over 98%. These target marks are particularly applicable for test fields and precise measurements of individual points on objects, such as in deformation surveys. Point accuracies of better than 0.05mm on the object can be achieved in a relatively simple way.

New: Versatile Stereo Module For a Wide Range of Applications

A newly developed, general-purpose stereo module enables a wide range of applications: It is not only used to calibrate the stereo base of a stereo camera, but also to scale and align photo blocks over known stereo cameras. It is even suitable for special applications, such as scaling photo blocks of spherical cameras. The use of stereo cameras also makes underwater photogrammetry much easier, as known dimensions on the object are not required and the photo block can be cleverly scaled over the stereo base.

And As Always: Numerous Detail Improvements

In addition to these main features, we have made dozens of smaller improvements throughout the programme to give you an even better user experience.

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