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Leica BLK3D

Leica BLK3D
Leica BLK3D

The Leica BLK3D is a laser measuring instrument with a built-in stereo camera, each with 10MPixel resolution and approx. 16cm stereo base. With the help of this information, the photo block can be oriented and scaled fully automatically, and the tilt sensors of the BLK3D also automatically align it. No external references are needed. Here you can find a quick reference guide ELCOVISION 10 with the Leica BLK3D.

PMS AG is a dealer for the Leica BLK3D: contact us for the current price. 
If you buy a Leica BLK3D with ELCOVISION 10 we also offer an interesting package discount.

Greatly improved light for the Leica BLK3D for indoor use

PMS AG supplies a handle that allows a large LED floodlight to be attached to the BLK3D. This produces a very soft and at the same time very bright light up to a distance of approx. 8m. This allows the BLK3D to produce images indoors that are as good as those taken outdoors in sunshine, providing ideal illumination of stairways, cellars, dark rooms etc.:

Due to the large and thick holding grip, you can hold the Leica BLK3D very comfortably even for long periods of time. Included in delivery is:

  • Handle: 3D print
  • Reinforced side panel for the LED floodlight: Solid 3D print.
  • Special screw for attaching the Leica BLK3D to the handle.

Contact us for the current price of this useful accessory.