Here you can find the targets for the automatic orientation of ELCOVISION 10. These marks are automatically recognized by ELCOVISION 10 and measured with very high precision.

The typical measuring accuracy is about:

1/D .. 1/D²

where D is the diameter in pixels of the center of the target mark.

If, for example, the centers of the target markers have a diameter D of 10 pixels in the image, the centers are determined with an accuracy between 0.1 and 0.01 pixels.
The centers of the signal marks must have at least 8, better 10 or more, pixels in diameter in the image, so that these are recognized correctly.

ELCOVISION 10 recognizes 2 versions of targets, V1 and V2:

Targets V1

  • Suitable for relatively poor image quality such as noisy, slightly blurred, underexposed or overexposed image.
  • 12 bit barcode: 47 different targets.

Targets V2

  • Need good image quality.
  • 16 bit barcode: 800 different targets.

All target marks as PDF and DWG for printing on labels, various Hama, Zweckform, Avery labels are supported.


Calibration fields in A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 with control point coordinates for the pages. Suitable for medium precision camera calibrations.

ELCOVISION 10 crime scene rulers in various sizes for the precise measurement, rectification and documentation of small traces such as fingerprints.