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ELCOVISION 10 Version 9.044 released

For more than 35 years, ELCOVISION 10 has been continuously developed and 2-5 updates are released per year. Each new version contains numerous innovations and improvements, here are the most important of version 9.044:
  • Automatic recognition of the graphics card hardware and optimised programs for the different NVIDIA GPU generations thereby fastest possible orientation and computation of the high density point cloud on a given computer.
  • Optimised simultaneous calibration of drone images.
  • Faster calculation of high-density point clouds through optimised memory management.
  • More export formats for point clouds.
  • Notification via email, SMS etc. about calculation progress for large image sets.
  • Extended possibilities for georeferencing.
  • And many more small improvements.
If you still own an older version of ELCOVISION 10 and do not have an active maintenance contract, you can download the current demo version of ELCOVISION 10 here:
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